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Article: How to wash cashmere

How to wash cashmere

How to wash cashmere


You might be one of our customers who prefers second hand cashmere, or maybe you’ve just bought yourself a brand new gorgeous Brora cashmere polo neck, but we’re all here asking the same question! How do you wash cashmere? We all know cashmere can shrink quite easily so it’s not surprising that we get so nervous when washing it! Well, I’m here to put your mind at rest as here at Nearly New Cashmere we know the facts of washing like we know cashmere from cotton.

Does 100% cashmere wash well? 

Cashmere washes very well provided you follow the necessary steps to care for your cashmere… With a little bit of fabric conditioner you can help to maintain the softness of your jumpers. You can watch our review on what detergent to use here!

Should I hand wash my cashmere?  

There are a number of ways to wash your cashmere and hand washing is one of them. If you don’t have masses of cashmere (unlike us) then you should definitely consider this an option! This would also be more suitable for removing stains as you can target areas more easily.  Fun Fact: We use washing up liquid to target our stains - works wonders!

Can I wash cashmere in the washing machine?

YES. You really can wash your cashmere in a washing machine. The important question you should be asking yourself is ‘do I trust my washing machine?’. Here at Nearly New Cashmere we use Samsung washing machines that consistently deliver an accurate temperature. If you’re willing to take the risk, wash them at 30°C on a fast wash. If you don't quite trust your machine, try at 20º! Every second hand cashmere jumper at Nearly New Cashmere has been through our washing machines. 

Can I dry clean cashmere? 

You can! However, over time this will start to break down the fibers in the cashmere so we recommend you don’t dry clean if you want your cashmere to live a long lasting life. 

It's that simple...

These rules apply to any garment that is 100% cashmere whether it’s cashmere gloves, a cashmere scarf, or a cashmere dressing gown! Don’t forget to tidy them up with a fabric shaver after their wash…

Written by Guy Hollins

Content Producer Apprentice

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