I can’t log in to my NNC Circle account?

To log in you need to create an account with us. You will then receive an email to activate your account. Your account that you use to place and track orders is linked to your NNC Circle account. Once your account is created in future you can log in with just your email and password. After you have signed in, click the white 'Loyalty Programme' launcher and you will be able to see your buttons and redeem them.

I’ve had an email saying I have buttons, but can’t log into my account?

You can earn buttons by placing orders, even if you don't have an account with us. To become a member, you need to make an account on our website. Once you have done this you will be able to see your buttons and redeem them. 

I didn’t receive my account activation email?

Always make sure to check your spam folder in case the email went into spam. If you still can’t find it and you have tried several times, please email info@nearlynewcashmere.co.uk.

I can’t find my buttons?

Once you have signed in to your account you will now be shown how many buttons you have, and what you can redeem. Visit ‘your rewards’, click the reward and you will be given a code to copy and paste.

I chose to redeem my buttons and received a code, I then forgot to order and can no longer find my code. What should I do?

We would always recommend redeeming your buttons and then using the code straight away. If you redeem your buttons and don't spend them, please email info@nearlynewcashmere.co.uk to resolve this.

How long do I have to spend my buttons?

Your buttons expire one year after receiving them. Once logged in you will be informed of your button expiration date.

I didn’t receive my discount?

The discounts aren’t automatically applied. You need to copy the code given to you, and paste it into ‘gift card or discount code’ at checkout. You can also select 'apply code' and it will apply to your basket - please check it has applied before checking out. We cannot retrospectively apply these discounts as the system is automatic. 

What are buttons worth?

You can earn 5% back each time you spend with us. When you order, each £1 spent will earn you 5 buttons. An order of £100 will get you 500 buttons. The main way to redeem your buttons is by earning a discount off your next order. Say you build up 500 buttons after placing an order worth £100. You can now choose to redeem £5 off your next order.

I sent my friend a referral code but I haven’t received my £5 off discount?

You will receive your £5 discount only once your friend has ordered from us using the link. Your referred friend must place an order through the link you sent them for the system to know who to give the reward to.

Can I use my buttons discount with another discount from you?

Unfortunately, you can only use one discount at a time when ordering.


How to log in and redeem your buttons

To begin, click the white launcher called 'Loyalty Programme' in the bottom right of your screen. You will then be prompted to either log in or sign up. If you already have an account with us, then log in. If you don't, you will need to sign up. Once signing up, confirm your account via an email we send you, then you may log in as shown below.

Once you have signed in, you will be able to see your buttons, when they expire, what you can redeem and also find your referral link. Click 'Your Rewards' and copy the code. If you select 'apply code' the code will automatically apply to your basket when you checkout. If you only copy the code, you must paste it into 'discounts' at checkout.


When checking out, you can see that the discount code has been applied when you reach the payment stage. You can only use one discount code at any one time.