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Article: Why you should buy men's cashmere!

Why you should buy men's cashmere!

Why you should buy men's cashmere!


Here at Nearly New Cashmere, we have a large men’s range that features some of our best cashmere jumpers alongside men’s cashmere bed socks and other luxury accessories. V-necks, crew necks, polo necks, collared jumpers, and hoodies, you name it we’ve got it.

Why should you buy our cashmere!

The most obvious of all reasons is warmth. Cashmere is 8 times more insulating than wool and is far better at dealing with moisture from your body meaning it is also far better at regulating your temperature, removing any risk of getting too warm!


The softness of cashmere means no itchiness against the skin. We know this can be a real deal breaker with wool jumpers!

Second hand, but never second best!

We pride ourselves on the luxury quality of our cashmere. All our cashmere goes through a rigorous process to determine whether it meets our high standards so that we can provide you with cashmere that feels brand new!

The price...

We all know that cashmere is considered a luxury that can sometimes feel a little out of our budget. Well not here! Typically, our men’s cashmere jumpers are around £50-£60 featuring brands such as Ralph Lauren, Uniqlo, Pringle and many more!

Transform your wardrobe.

Sometimes your clothing can begin to look a bit run down. There’s no better way to revive it than cashmere. We have a huge range of colours and styles that will compliment any clothing you already own leaving you feeling more confident in your clothing. If looked after properly (stored away from moths over summer, see our blog on cashmere care here) cashmere can have an incredibly long life.

Feel good about buying our cashmere.

You don’t have to break the bank, you’re supporting a small business and what’s more… you’re being sustainable! Shopping from us removes the guilt factor some of us feel when buying clothing elsewhere.

Written by Guy Hollins

Content Producer Apprentice

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