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Article: How to set up a pop up shop

How to set up a pop up shop

How to set up a pop up shop


Your first pop-up can be quite terrifying... Here at Nearly New Cashmere we are well experienced in setting up pop-up shops but we know all too well how overwhelming it can be. Whether these be stalls at a show, a shop in Chelsea or a stand in John Lewis we've got plenty of suggestions to help you set up your pop up.


This should be your priority. People are attracted to aesthetically pleasing spaces so do what you can so make your pop-up look welcoming. Perhaps consider having a striking piece of furniture in the shop. A nice chair, rug or mirror can make a lot of difference!


Branding is not only going to make you look professional but it's also going to make you memorable. Instead of being remembered as a 'nice pop-up down the road' you're much more likely to be remembered by name and as a result have returning customers! For our pop-ups we have a light weight sign that we stick above the entrance. We also highly recommend vinyl lettering for any windows if you're in a building!


Do your research as to where you should pop-up. It can make a huge difference where your stall is at a show or where your storefront is on a high street. Lots of foot traffic is key so try to research the optimal specific location for your event.


Local bloggers or influencers that are relevant to what you are selling can make a huge difference. Do what you can to make all these aware of you. You can invite influencers and offer them an incentive, whether this is a discount, or a free product is up to you!

Bonus tips...

If you have a website have a QR code somewhere obvious in the shop that people can scan. This should state something along the lines of ‘head to our website to see more stock’. You can also offer these people 10% off if you want to create a stronger incentive. This will help people become more associated with the brand.

Finally... make the most of it

Hold events such as a late-night shopping evening. On the first evening at our Kings Road pop-up earlier this year we held an early access event which required tickets. These tickets weren’t expensive, and the cost was taken off the price of their first purchase. However, holding an event such as this generates interest in the pop-up.

Written by Guy Hollins

Content Producer Apprentice

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