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Article: How to clean your cashmere at home

How to clean your cashmere at home

How to clean your cashmere at home


Spring cleaning is the only type of cleaning that I don’t completely dread which is a big statement for a ‘lazy’ 23-year-old… with dust allergies by the way… The reason I say this is because all I can think about is Summer! Doing anything in preparation for summer is exciting.   

  This sadly means that you’re probably thinking about putting some of those heavier knit cashmere pieces away for a while so what better occasion to talk you through how to care for your cashmere from home the Nearly New Cashmere way before doing so.


Remove your cashmere from your wardrobe and decide which pieces you’re not going to need for a while.


Inspect the jumpers for any sign of moth holes just to be sure. If you do find some don’t be alarmed. They’re so easy to repair! Either have a go yourself or send it to us as we offer a repair service for cashmere jumpers.


All clear? This is the stage people are most worried about. Believe it or not we wash all our cashmere at 30°C on a fast spin and we still haven’t had any issues! So, if you trust your washing machine this is the easiest way to wash cashmere. You can of course have it dry-cleaned, hand wash it, or send it to us for a clean and recondition. Please whatever you do don’t put your cashmere away in storage without a fresh wash. This can allow any stains to really get into the fabric and it also attracts moths.

Step 4.

Once clean there are several different approaches you can take for storage. We recommend keeping it in a sturdy plastic box with a lid or a vacuum bag just so it’s safe from any unwanted visitors such as moths and mice. Cashmere would make a very luxury home for some baby mice… If you don’t have space for boxing up your cashmere, then of course you can hang it, but we suggest you make your own moth deterrent as moth balls do not smell good... From what we’ve heard the best approach is filling a cloth bag with either lavender, rosemary, thyme, cloves or bay leaves.

Step 5 (the most important).

Sit back, have a cuppa (hopefully Yorkshire Tea), and relax knowing your cashmere is stored away perfectly for as long as you need.

Written by Guy Hollins

Junior Content Producer Apprentice

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