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Article: Why you should wear black cashmere.

Why you should wear black cashmere.

Why you should wear black cashmere.


Here at Nearly New Cashmere Co we love black cashmere. We praise black cashmere jumpers and cardigans as one of the most versatile pieces that belong in your wardrobe. I’m here to show you why!

It goes with anything. 

Can’t be bothered to put together an outfit because you don’t know what goes with what? Well, a black cashmere jumper is your go to. This will easily go with anything, and I mean anything.

Hides stains.

 There’s nothing worse than spilling a drip of coffee on your cream cashmere. Hopefully you’ll never have to face such torment. Well, you can live fearlessly in black cashmere… of course I’m not going to claim it doesn’t stain. However, it does a pretty good job of camouflaging those minor stains.

Black can be layered endlessly. 

 If you’re a cashmereholic like us how about a black cashmere snood or scarf, a cashmere cardigan all layered over a black cashmere tee? Intense…? Not at all…

Go wild with accessories.  

With black cashmere on you can go wild with accessories as they’ll stand out against the black. Jewellery will look particularly striking…


Black cashmere is particularly flattering. The black absorbs light hiding all unwanted shadows. This is part of the reason black cashmere is so striking!


Black always looks dressed up. We can't explain why, it just does. It'll revive anything you wear it with. An old battered pair of jeans is my favourite with a black cashmere jumper.

Written by Guy Hollins

Content Producer Apprentice

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