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Article: Are cashmere jumpers worth it?

Are cashmere jumpers worth it?

Are cashmere jumpers worth it?


I’ve searched far and wide looking for an answer and all I can find is yes, yes, and yes. 

"Bit spenny...'

Every blog or article I have read by companies selling cashmere sweaters for hundreds (and occasionally thousands) seem to think it’s worth it. Well seeing as we sell ours for only a fraction of the price (£40) then it must be worth it! Softer than any other jumper you’ve owned, a natural material that is both warm and breathable, what more could you need from a jumper?

Where does cashmere come from?

Cashmere comes from a specific breed of goat in Mongolia and Northern China. Beneath their coarse hair you’ll find superfine fibres that are used to make sweaters like the ones we sell. Cashmere stands far above even the best sheep wool you can get. We don’t mess around with merino wool or cashmere blends. The reason we praise 100% cashmere is because of its luxury feel. It’s incredibly soft and lightweight yet it’s still eight times more insulating than wool. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Long lasting

Good quality cashmere like ours is going to last you a lifetime with ease. Some of our vintage jumpers are from the 80s and appear brand new! All that matters is you look after your cashmere. Don’t feel the need to wash it every time you’ve worn it. The natural fibres and breathability of the cashmere keep it clean. We personally wash our cashmere on a quick spin at 30°C but we recommend hand washing as some of our customers washing machines have been heavy handed in the past. For more info on how to make your cashmere last click here

Why is our cashmere so much better value?

All our cashmere is second hand. However, it has been reconditioned one jumper at a time by our very own team here in the Yorkshire Dales. Once a jumper has been through this process there’s no telling it’s ever been worn, and that’s how we came up with the name Nearly New Cashmere! 

Written by Guy Hollins

Content Producer Apprentice

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