The Magic of Shopping Second Hand

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure is a saying which has resonated with us for many years, and is somewhat of a company motto at NNCC head office.   So what is it about second-hand cashmere that fills us all with joy? 

1. Each item is unique. The majority of our collection is made up of one-of-a-kind second hand pieces, meaning there is a unique look for everyone.

2. Each item in our collection was previously discarded. By rescuing these jumpers we are reducing waste one item at a time. It's important to us to do our part to encourage more environmentally conscious shopping.

3. Buying second-hand cashmere is more affordable. Our prices reflect the fact that our pieces are on their second life so you can save money and help save the planet.

4. Choosing to buy second-hand in turn reduces the demand for the production of new clothes and helps put a stop to fast fashion.

5. Nothing is wasted! We stand against the throwaway culture and believe that there’s a use for everything.   We accept any discarded cashmere and if it can't be sold as one piece, we re-work it into 100% cashmere accessories.

A fan of charity shops and eBay for a long time, our founder Ali has always been an advocate for the once worn.   

After all, what greater feeling is there than purchasing something a little bit special, for a snip of a price, whilst knowing you’ve done a good deed for the planet along the way?

Shop our 100% second-hand cashmere jumpers for under £50 here.