Cashmere Care

Caring for your clothes is an important part of building a more sustainable wardrobe. We know washing and repairing cashmere can be daunting, but follow our advice below and you won't go far wrong!

All our 100% cashmere pieces are initially washed in the machine on a reliable 30 degree quick wash program and a fast 1200 rpm spin. We use a liquid detergent which is better for a more thorough clean, especially at a cool temperature and it also gives an improved result in untreated hard water. A small amount of conditioner helps to keep the soft and fluffy nature of the fabric and reduces creases and we recommend either rack or flat drying your jumpers to help your jumpers maintain their shape.

Washing your cashmere regularly will also help with pilling; a common issue caused by friction from wear. You can reduce the pilling by using a sweater comb or fabric shaver to remove the bobbles. Over time and with more wear, the pilling should reduce.

We would expect 100% cashmere jumpers to easily last for 10 years and quite often very much longer. By taking good care of them you're helping reduce waste and keep clothes out of landfill. We often come across cashmere jumpers over 50 years old and still in super condition so it really pays to look after them.

Happy washing! 

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