With thickening rumours of an incredibly cold winter ahead (starting next week) it got us to thinking, why is it that cashmere is the best chosen fabric for our colder winters? England is known for many things, Oasis, Tea, David Beckham and the great Sunday Roast… but we’re also known to have some of the worst weather in the world. We’ve learned to go about our days with an umbrella at the bottom of our bags, a pair of gloves in our coat pockets and even start thinking about getting the logs in, in September! 

So what I it about cashmere that makes for the go-to winter fabric? 

SOFT – There is no fabric like cashmere when it comes to its deliciously soft touch and feel 

WARMTH – 8x more warm than its wool counterpart, you’re going to stay insulated in this wondrous fabric 

WRINKLE-RESISTANT – That’s right, throw it in the bottom of your weekend bag and you’re good to go! 

LIGHTWEIGHT – For that free as a bird feeling, all day long 

MOISTURE WICKING – Making for the perfect fabric for those long winter walks 

COMFORTABLE – The lofty fibres mean no scratching unlike a woolen knit 

Shop your winter wardrobe right here and enjoy any weather this winter throws at you!