Second Hand September

We’re very pleased to be endorsing Oxfam’s Second Hand September this month and we have been thrilled about our collaborations with like-minded influencers showing us some fabulous styling in our nearly new pieces – catch up with their links on our Instagram reel.

Buying second hand promotes sustainability and circular fashion within the industry which is becoming more and more important for our planet every day. Here are some reasons why we believe you should shop second hand:

- Buying second hand clothes saves money
- Buying second hand extends a garment’s life cycle
- Buying second hand promotes sustainable fashion
- Second hand clothing is unique
- Buying second hand saves resources, especially water 
- Buying second hand reduces fast fashion demand
- Buying second hand prevents waste and landfill

So next time you’re wanting a new look, please do consider all the wonderful clothing that can be found in charity shops, auction sites and pre-loved clothing stores – you will definitely find a lot more than you bargained for! Make second hand your first choice.