Cinderella Stories

Part of living more sustainably is wearing our clothes for longer. That's why we take pride in offering repairs to our customers' cashmere to keep their old favourites going for even longer. Keep reading to see some of our cinderella stories.

When slow fashion influencer Hannah Rochelle got in touch with us about her favourite, reversible cashmere coat which had fallen into disrepair, we tasked Susan to restore it to its former glory! Susan opted for the magic star treatment to neatly mend multiple moth holes on both sides of the coat.

“I just got my beloved Paul Smith cashmere coat back from being repaired, what a beautiful job they have done!” - Hannah Rochelle

Another of our customers, Fiona, sent us a different challenge: to repair her husband's old cashmere jumper with a photo of their dog for inspiration! Once again Susan worked her magic and created a custom repair with extra detail. 

"Thank you so much for the fantastic repairs to my old grey sweater...You really are wizards" - Stuart


When a customer told us all about her baby’s new obsession with her favourite sky grey cashmere scarf, we were tasked to create a couple of comforters made from similar grey cashmere as replacements. The result? Two beautiful comforters neatly sewn and finished – making for one happy baby!

 "The quality is lovely and the heart patches were a perfect touch" - Claire