I’m Ali, lover of 100% cashmere, vintage silk scarves, family life and the countryside! I have always disliked any kind of waste in our household whether that was food waste after a meal or the fast fashion culture I saw my four children surrounded by.

My discomfort with the throwaway culture led me to uncover the real situation with unwanted cashmere and find my business, Nearly New Cashmere. I discovered otherwise wasted cashmere facing a landfill future so I decided to rescue, repair and restore it before finding its new owner. I’m on a mission to make this luxury fabric available to everyone at an affordable price, whilst doing our thing for the planet at the very same time.



Our vision as a brand is for cashmere to be attainable to everyone while creating a more conscious consumer.

We champion:

Affordability – Our one of a kind pieces are at a price point which is both reasonable and affordable, meaning this once widely unobtainable knitwear can now be part of everyone’s wardrobe. 

Honesty – Both from the perspective of how we do business but also our product. We are transparent in the way in which we both market and sell our cashmere. Our customers know that they are buying second hand, reconditioned pieces.

Luxury – All of our cashmere is 100% pure.

Sustainability – We have fine-tuned the way in which our cashmere is sourced. It is stock which would usually have been discarded. We rescue it, renew it lovingly and sell it.