Living Sustainably

I lived a completely oblivious life thinking that more is better and not paying attention to how my choices affect the world around me. Until one weekend, when we were traveling in Canada during my American job placement I spent a weekend at my aunt’s place. Aunt lived in a remote Canadian village not far from Toronto, in a typical ranch-like spacious house in the middle of nowhere. And so there we were, temporary New Yorkers dazzled by the retail heaven clashing with a world of calm, simple living for a weekend.

My aunt didn’t have a lot of things. Her closet only had a few sweaters in it and you could tell they were not the kind of fast fashion you see on the high street. That’s when I learned that it mattered what fabric things are made from and how long they will last. She also made her own household cleaning products and reused the packaging. She lived a simple, happy and fulfilled life. 

And it made me wonder....I wanted a piece of that fulfillment too. The sustainable living concept stayed with me ever since. And hence I love the idea of nearly new cashmere. It’s everything that I saw at my aunts house - quality, slow fashion and sustainability...

— Anna

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