Want not waste not

As you know it's our mission to rescue and repair 100% cashmere knitwear. Here are a couple of ways you can do your part to keep cashmere out of landfill.

Trade-in your cashmere

We welcome all 100% cashmere with open arms. For pieces that can be reconditioned and resold in one piece you will receive a £10 voucher to use on the rest of our collection. For pieces that need to be made into something else, you will receive a £5 voucher. Vouchers can be spent online or in our shop in Masham. Email us at info@nearlynewcashmere.co.uk to arrange a trade-in. Include some pictures if you can!

Repair or upcycle your old favourites

If you're not ready to say goodbye to your old favourite yet, we can help you recondition your jumper so it is like new again. We recondition and repair on a case by case basis so if your piece needs some TLC send us an email at info@nearlynewcashmere.co.uk with the details. We can recondition, mend any holes or even add personalised patches to enhance the design.


"Beautiful quality cashmere. Such a good idea, makes luxury affordable." - Jules