Caring for your cashmere

Part of living a more sustainable life is making your clothes last longer. Cashmere is a surprisingly robust wool if looked after kindly and can last a lifetime. Here are some of our top tips to help you give some TLC to your favourite pieces.

Wash your cashmere often

All of our cashmere has been washed at 30 degrees Celsius on a delicate cycle in a washing machine. If you're not confident in your machine you can also wash it by hand. Washing it regularly will help to remove any bobbles that have built up over time.

Keep the moths at bay

Moths can cause much unwanted damage to your beautiful cashmere pieces. You will receive your cashmere from us in a biodegradable cellophane bag to keep the moths away. If you are putting your cashmere away for a period of time, like over the summer, make sure to store it when it's clean and to use a similar protective bag like our 100% cotton dust and moth bags.

Invest in a cashmere comb or debobbler

While washing it regularly can help to keep the bobbles to a minimum, using a cashmere comb or debobbler regularly works wonders. We like the Philips GC026 Electric Fabric Shaver but there are lots of manual and other electric debobblers on the market for you to find your pick!